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Nola Wren - ‘College’

New single from the indie electro-pop singer-songwriter.


soul sucker // nola wren

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Girl walks into a bar

I walked into a bar

no one asked me

what I wanted

Then I ran into a friend

who had a friend

I sort of fell in love with

I can’t quite remember

what you looked like

or why I stayed the night

But I still like the way

you said you were

happy to have met me

at the time

And it really hurts

like hell to know

you will probably forget me

Maybe one day

you will butt dial me

and stay on the line:

"Hello, stranger. Remember that night?"


Niko 214

I forgot my glasses


once I threw them in the trash

by accident

I double checked today

just in case

tore the knotted plastic bag

felt around with hope

sweet relief I think that’s them

I cried

but it was an empty can of Coke

I wonder why my brain is acting

fuzzy and blocked up

I search for words

and rhymes to

fuck, all that rhymes

is fuck

it’s terrible knowing

your own potential

that ugly word

I started to believe it this year

but words no longer come to me

they only disappear

it’s so blurry in my brain

the coils gone loose

spaghetti nerves

and every witty cell

shot to hell in a red caboose.


Is it you yet

Is it you yet

the face across the platform

on the street

is that your dog

do you ever look for me

in a crowded room

like bars or Irish pubs

are you Irish like your name


or something else completely

if you only knew how

much I think of you

you’d call me crazy

and of course you’ll never call

it’s not like sparks flew

when we kissed

except I’m fairly certain

the world stopped spinning

the moment

we did.



automatic // nola wren

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pretty boy // nola wren ft. ryan hemsworth

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More from NY based Nola Wren is available via FaceBook. Make sure to also check out and follow her tumblr.